Applying for Jamaica Estates Co-ops: Five Tips To Make Your Board Package Stand Out!

You’ve heard the buzz about Jamaica Estates co-ops. They’re affordable, located in a stellar neighborhood and offer rare amenities. Potential residents need to complete a board package, and rumor has it that this application is lengthy and gets pretty personal.

If you’ve been overlooking Jamaica Estates co-ops because you’re intimidated by the paperwork, fear not! Here’s our cheat-sheet of tips to help you pull together a primo package:

Tip #1: Expect to submit your board package electronically.

With pandemic concerns still looming in 2021, most Jamaica Estates co-ops have shifted from hard-copy board packages to electronic submissions. Check your tech to make sure that the software plays nicely with your device, and be ready to scan your financials, reference letters and other required documentation.

Tips #2: Mind your deadlines.

You know what they say about early birds! Co-ops are competitive, and submitting your package before the deadline is one part of the application process that you can control. An early application indicates that you are serious about living in the building and that you will be a responsible addition to the community.

Tip #3: Don’t draw a blank!

All questions asked and documentation required by Jamaica Estates co-ops are included for a reason. If you leave a blank space without an explanation, the co-op board will need to track down that information. Making the co-op board work harder than they already do is not a good look.

Tip #4: Don’t fall into the TMI trap.

TMI means “too much information,” and you don’t want to travel down this road! Co-ops ask for everything they need. If they need something else, they’ll let you know! In the meantime, stick to the checklist to make everyone’s life easier.

Tip #5: Submit an organized package.

A table of contents will direct board members to the exact information that they need. A cover letter that states basic financial information is another nice touch.

Board packages are daunting, but Jamaica Estates co-ops are worth the effort! Get in touch with Jamaica Estates Realty today to learn more about creating a five-star application.

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