It’s almost time to take the keys to your new home in Jamaica Estates. The only thing standing in your way is a home inspection. A home inspection is not an obstacle to your ownership goals, but an important way to protect your investment. At Jamaica Estates Realty, we help our buyers arrange home inspections with qualified, local professionals.

A Home Inspection Checklist

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, a professional home inspection should include a thorough assessment of these aspects:

  • The home’s interior and exterior.
  • Foundation.
  • HVAC systems.
  • Interior electrical systems.
  • Interior plumbing.
  • Roofing.
  • Floors.
  • Windows and doors.
  • Attic.
  • Basement.

Items That Are Not Addressed in a Home Inspection

A home inspection covers many critical checkpoints within a home, but it doesn’t cover everything. Here is a brief list of home elements that are not included in your average home inspection:

  • Well pumps.
  • Pest infestations.
  • Chimneys.
  • Toxic chemical issues, such as asbestos, radon or lead.
  • Inaccessible or unsafe areas, such as rooms behind locked doors or exceptionally-steep roofs.
  • Detached buildings on the property.

Some inspectors include these elements for an additional fee. If you would like your inspection to include an item on this list, ask your inspector if it’s possible. If they don’t perform the service, you might need a separate professional to give you the answers you need.

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