You might think that a real estate lawyer is only needed for complicated transactions. The truth is, most property sales and purchases in the state of New York require one of these experienced legal professionals.

Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

How do you choose the best real estate lawyer for your situation? Here are a few tips for hiring a Jamaica Estates real estate lawyer:

  • Get referrals. Talk to friends and family who have traveled down the real estate road and ask if they had a good relationship with their real estate lawyer. You can also talk to the helpful agents at Jamaica Estates Realty for a list of qualified professionals.
  • Make your calls early. Start your search for a lawyer before you jump into the real estate market. You’ll get the most benefit from having a real estate lawyer by your side from day one.
  • Ask about a free consultation. Many real estate lawyers offer this opportunity to new clients. Take advantage of it to see if you agree with the lawyer’s philosophy and get your initial questions answered.

The Free Consultation

If you’ve made an appointment for a real estate lawyer consultation, your face-to-face time with them might be limited. Have your questions ready! Here are a few key points to cover during your meeting:

  • Do they specialize in real estate law?
  • Do they offer services that you find most valuable in your real estate venture?
  • How long have they been practicing real estate law?
  • Do they have a list of references?
  • How do they bill for services?

Jamaica Estates Realty Can Help!

At Jamaica Estates Realty, we maintain an updated list of local real estate lawyers who specialize in co-ops and condominiums. Contact us today to assemble your real estate team!

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