Jamaica Estates Apartment Rentals: Find Your Match With These Outside-the-Box Tips

Are you contemplating a move to Jamaica Estates but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit? If you want to test the waters, you’ll need a low-commitment living situation. This is where Jamaica Estates apartment rentals play a role. Find an amazing apartment, sign a one-year lease and see what everyone in Jamaica Estates is talking about!

Finding an amazing apartment is a key part of the equation. If you end up in a unit that you’re not happy with, it could sour your entire view of Jamaica Estates. We don’t want that to happen, so here are four top (yet unorthodox) tips for finding Jamaica Estates apartment rentals:

  • Track down rental applications and fill them out early.
    If you see an apartment listing that you love, try to get a hold of the rental application ahead of time, complete it and bring it to your in-person showing. It shows the landlord that you are serious about scoring the unit and moves the leasing process along.
  • Measure your large pieces of furniture before you see Jamaica Estates apartment rentals in person.
    Before you head out for your in-person tours, stash a tape measure and your furniture dimensions in your pocket. Don’t forget to verify that you can navigate your pieces up the stairs, down the hall and through the front door!
  • Check cellular reception during your in-person visit.
    Given their urban location, it’s not uncommon for Jamaica Estates apartment rentals to have spotty cell service. Check your bars as your tour the unit to see if you can use your cell phone without craning your neck outside the window.
  • Take a walk around the block.
    If you don’t love your location, you’ll probably be counting down the days until your lease is over. Ensure that your potential new neighborhood has what you are looking for regarding safety, shopping, public transportation and green space.

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