Jamaica Estates Apartment Rentals: Four Tips for Finding a Tolerable Roommate

It’s no secret: Living in New York City is expensive. Although Jamaica Estates apartment rentals tend to be more affordable than other neighborhoods, ads for roommates to share the costs still dominate.

We’re sure that you can think of a popular sitcom or two that feature New York City roomies blissfully coexisting as best friends. You can probably also think of a few roommate horror stories that terrify you more than a furry spider crawling on your rental’s kitchen counter.

How can you have a roommate experience that resembles the sitcom, or at least stays out of spider territory? Here are four of our top tips for interviewing roommates to share Jamaica Estates apartment rentals:

Confront costs.
When it comes to financial matters, don’t beat around the bush. Potential roommates need to know their share of the rent, utilities, security deposit, groceries and anything else that could require them to open their wallets wider.

Ask about deal-breakers.
Does your potential roommate smoke? Do they have a dog? Would you have to hide who you are to live peacefully with this person? These are examples of deal-breakers that you need to nail down during your interview.

Get a feel for their work schedule.
These days, Jamaica Estates apartment rentals are turning into home offices for more and more people. You and your potential roommates might be a part of this growing number. Make sure their schedule meshes with yours. For example, if you work long nights as a nurse, you might be disturbed by a roommate who conducts loud, albeit work-related, phone calls during the day.

Get references.
Asking for references is part one of this tip. Checking them is part two! It might seem awkward, but checking references on potential roommates can reveal deal-breakers that your candidates might have kept under wraps to increase their chances of scoring a place to live.

If you are having trouble making ends meet in Jamaica Estates apartment rentals, talk to Jamaica Estates Realty today to learn more about finding a roommate to split the bills!

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