Jamaica Estates Co-ops: Designing a Home Office in a Small Space

It’s a fact of urban life: Co-op living is cramped. As we all stay home and stay safe from COVID-19, our crowded co-ops are serving more functions than ever before. If you’re currently working from home, pull up a chair! Here are some of our favorite tips for setting up your home office in Jamaica Estates co-ops.

Try a different desk shape.

A typical rectangular desk might not make the most of your small space. Would a triangular table work better in a corner? What about an L-shaped surface? Think beyond a traditional desk to find the best space-saving solution for Jamaica Estates co-ops.

Create an office from the nooks and crannies in your co-op.

Jamaica Estates co-ops feature some pretty cool places to tuck your workspace. Take the door off of a closet to create a cubby for your desk, or set up your office in your studio’s dressing area.

Claim a window seat.

Natural light improves our health, mood and productivity. It’s no wonder that offices with a window are coveted prizes in the workplace! Give yourself the gift of the sun and place your work area by a window. If that’s not possible, make sure your home office is well-lit to prevent eye strain.

Put your walls to work.

Instead of selecting a sprawling work surface, go with a slimmer style and use the vertical space in your co-op to create storage solutions. A tall shelving unit might be just the ticket to store your workplace essentials while saving precious square footage in Jamaica Estates co-ops.

Don’t forget about ergonomics!

As you’re browsing ideas for your workspace, be sure to consider function first and style second. Your office furniture should allow your eyes to be level with your computer screen. Your feet should be flat on the floor, with your hips and knees forming 90-degree angles.

Working from home is a part of our “new normal” that isn’t going away any time soon. Jamaica Estates co-ops are up for the challenge! Connect with Jamaica Estates Realty today to learn more about living well in Jamaica Estates co-ops.

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