Jamaica Estates Co-ops: Subletting, Roommates and Following the Rules

If you are browsing Jamaica Estates co-ops, we can’t stress this point enough: You MUST read the rules and regulations. Don’t skim them. The rules contain a lot of information that will help you choose a co-op with the urban lifestyle you want.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. As much as you love New York City, your job, your family or something else might require you to leave city life behind for a while. Subletting your unit might be an option, but will Jamaica Estates co-ops allow that?

Inevitably, money gets tight for city dwellers. Taking in a roommate can help to alleviate New York City’s high cost of living. If your co-op doesn’t allow subletting, can you have a roommate?

If you have co-op questions, we have answers! Here are three common questions about co-ops, subletting and roommates that we hear from our clients:

Why do most Jamaica Estates co-ops have rules about subletting?

Co-ops are committed to providing a pleasant living environment for all. If all residents can sublet their unit at their discretion, the co-op might become nothing more than a temporary living solution for short-term tenants. Co-op boards would prefer to build a stable community with permanent residents.

What are some typical subletting rules seen in Jamaica Estates co-ops?

Many co-ops don’t let you sublet your unit until you’ve lived there for a minimum amount of time (usually between one and two years). After that, it’s common to see restrictions on the length of time that a co-op resident can sublet their unit. For example, a co-op board might state that a resident can sublet their unit for up to two years during a five-year period.

Is a roommate a subletter?

Technically a roommate is a subletter, but you might still be able to have one. As long as the shareholder isn’t profiting from the situation, many Jamaica Estates co-ops allow shareholders to have a roommate.

Subletting and roommate rules vary widely among Jamaica Estates co-ops. The information provided here is a general guideline. Contact Jamaica Estates Realty to talk specifics!

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