Jamaica Estates Condos Go Modern Without Losing Their Charm

In their beautiful brick, prewar-style buildings, Jamaica Estates condos possess a certain historic appeal. Unfortunately, some units are overdue for an interior update. What should you do when your condo crosses the line from charming to outdated? Here’s your answer: Give it a makeover!

Infusing Jamaica Estates condos with the latest trends while preserving their unique details is possible. We recommend that you nix the idea of a complete renovation unless it’s necessary. Instead, focus on a few key upgrades so that your condo’s best details are still front-and-center. Here are five ways to modernize your space without sacrificing the charm:

  • Play with color: Whether you paint your walls, refinish your furniture or accent with colorful textiles, color is one of the easiest ways to transform your space from dated to fresh. Earthy and neutral, or bold and brazen? Color is a popular way to evoke a certain mood without doing anything too permanent.
  • Upgrade your bathroom: Jamaica Estates condos might lack a little style in the bathroom department. Old fixtures and out-of-date tile make your retreat seem anything but spa-like. Bold tilework is on-trend, as are claw-foot tubs and pedestal sinks. If you have the funds available, consider these vintage-inspired upgrades in your bathroom.
  • Switch your lighting: If your condo is plagued with ornate chandeliers and dim corners, it’s time to rethink your lighting situation. Replace dusty light fixtures with industrial designs. These tend to have a simpler silhouette and complement historic details nicely.
  • Fix your floors: Some Jamaica Estates condos still have their original hardwood flooring intact. If you live in one of these, lucky you! A refinishing project might be all your floors need to make a comeback.
  • Treat yourself to new appliances: New appliances don’t just look better, but they have convenient features that can only add time in your busy schedule. Dual ovens or a refrigerator with “smart” functions? Yes, please!

With a few easy-to-execute updates, Jamaica Estates condos can preserve their historic charm while taking on 2021! Contact Jamaica Estates Realty today for more inspiration.

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