Jamaica Estates Condos: Tips for a Successful Sale in Winter 2021

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage that the best time to buy and sell real estate is in the spring. While that will probably remain true to a point in 2021, COVID-19 has caused an upheaval in typical real estate patterns over the past year.

If you are thinking about selling your Jamaica Estates condo, winter 2021 might be your time. As Manhattanites head to the boroughs seeking a lower cost of living, Jamaica Estates condos have been getting plenty of traffic. It’s a great time to add yours to the available listings.

If you’re ready to act, here are a few things you need to know about putting a “For Sale” sign on your condo:

  • Check your HOA rules before you prep your unit for sale.
    Some Jamaica Estates condos put restrictions on interior changes. Review the rules before making any large-scale improvements, even if those improvements will make your condo more appealing to the masses.
  • Check the rules (again) to see if buyer approval is required.
    If buyers need HOA approval, you’ve probably been through it yourself. It’s important to understand this aspect of the sale from the buyer’s perspective so that you are aware of any hiccups that could happen during the process.
  • Play up your condo’s assets.
    Does your condo have more storage space compared to other units in the building? Does it have a fully-remodeled kitchen with the latest appliances? Let buyers know what makes your unit stand out from other Jamaica Estates condos.
  • Price your unit competitively.
    Your real estate agent will use info from recent area sales to hit a pricing “sweet spot,” leading to a successful transaction for you and the seller.
  • Stage your unit carefully.
    Many Jamaica Estates condos look similar. Make yours look better! Scrub your unit like there’s no tomorrow, and maximize natural light and storage space. These steps go a long way in attracting eager buyers.

There are plenty of buyers in search of Jamaica Estates condos this winter. Connect with us today to get your condo on the market!

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