Jamaica Estates Real Estate: How to NOT Behave Like an Animal at an Open House

Have you heard? Open houses are, well, “open” again! If you are interested in Jamaica Estates real estate, you can officially see your top choices for yourself.

While you’re open house-hopping, minding your manners is extra-important. After a year of social distancing, quarantining and video chats, we thought you could use an etiquette refresher before you dive back into the Jamaica Estates real estate market.

Don’t be shy! Check out these five dos and don’ts for smart open house attendance:

  • Do dress appropriately.
    There’s no need to dress up, but clean and comfortable clothing is a winner. Don’t show too much skin, wear mud-crusted work boots or arrive dressed in your flannel jammies (even if they are your best pair!).
  • Do sign in.
    Even if you’re not completely committed to your Jamaica Estates real estate search, sign in so that the hosting agent can track traffic. If the home isn’t your cup of tea, you don’t need to list your contact info.
  • Do practice social distancing.
    You might not be as concerned about virus transmission as you were in 2020, but keeping your distance is still appreciated during an open house. You probably want a chance to examine the home a bit privately, and other potential buyers deserve the same. Try not to enter cramped quarters until they are empty, and be mindful of everyone’s personal space.
  • Don’t bring a circus with you.
    Although open houses are back in business, large crowds still complicate things. Help our cause by leaving the family at home. If your grandmother, aunt and second cousin twice removed must see this piece of Jamaica Estates real estate that’s on your wish list, schedule a private showing instead.
  • Don’t snoop.
    Closed doors, drawers and personal belongings are off-limits to open house attendees. If you are curious about a closet, cabinet or another closed-off area, play it safe and ask the hosting agent if you can take a peek.

Open houses are one of the best ways to see Jamaica Estates real estate in person! Contact Jamaica Estates Realty today to see what’s scheduled this weekend.

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