Jamaica Estates Real Estate: Open Concept or Team Traditional?

If Jamaica Estates real estate is on your mind, you might be contemplating between a traditional or open floor plan. Although open floor plans have been popular since the early 1990s, closed-concept floor plans come with their own set of benefits.

Do you want open and airy, or are you on team traditional? It’s a big decision, so we’ve compiled this list of the benefits associated with each design. The only thing left for you to do is to decide what works for you!

Open Floor Plan Pluses

  • Open floor plans create the illusion of more space.
    Square footage is a valuable commodity in Jamaica Estates real estate. With fewer walls to break things up, an open-concept layout makes it feel like you’re “living large.”
  • Everyone is a part of the action in an open-concept design.
    Picture this: The family is enjoying time together in the living room while mom slaves away in the kitchen. Open floor plans incorporate the kitchen, dining and living area, and bring mom into the mix!
  • Open floor plans fetch a higher resale value.
    If you don’t think your Jamaica Estates real estate will be your forever home, purchasing an open-concept design now might lead to financial reward when it’s time to sell.

Traditional Floor Plan Pros

  • Privacy is as close as the next room.
    There is such a thing as too much togetherness! With more walls dividing your Jamaica Estates real estate, a closed-concept layout provides precious privacy to families living in close quarters.
  • You can keep messy rooms under wraps.
    Staring at a messy kitchen while you eat is an appetite buzzkill. In a traditional floor plan, you can focus on a relaxing meal rather than the massive mess.
  • You might pay less for energy costs.
    Your HVAC works overtime to keep large spaces at a comfortable temperature. In a traditional floor plan, you can direct warm or cool air into select rooms, ultimately lowering your utility costs.

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