Looking To Sell in Jamaica Estates: Three Reasons Why Some Homes Don’t Sell

People who are looking to sell in Jamaica Estates want to sell quickly and turn a profit. Everyone’s home sale will take them on a different journey, but we’ve never had a client who wasn’t eager to embark with cash in their pocket.

The real estate market is unpredictable. Even when you think you’ve made all the right moves, your home might sit on the market, entering the dreaded 90-day time frame. After 90 days, real estate listings become stale in the eyes of buyers and agents. How unappealing!

Why do some homes get snatched up immediately while others sit on the market for weeks? If you are looking to sell in Jamaica Estates, here are three main reasons why some properties don’t move as quickly as predicted:

  • The home has a high price tag.
    Buyers do their homework. If your home is priced too high, they will move on. A comparative market analysis, or CMA, will help you avoid this pitfall. This process uses the recent sales of comparable homes in your immediate area to arrive at a fair price. If your home has been idle for a while, you might need another CMA to assess changes in the market.
  • The listing is lacking.
    In an age where most home shopping starts on the web, an online listing is your first chance to make a good impression. If you are looking to sell in Jamaica Estates, make sure that your listing features clear text and photos, and that they bring attention to the best features of your home.
  • The home is in obvious disrepair.
    If potential buyers are greeted with ripped carpeting and appliances that look like they have been around since appliances were invented, they might wonder what problems are lurking under the surface. Get your home in sellable shape, or be willing to come down on your price to compensate the buyer for the repairs that they will need to make.

If you are looking to sell in Jamaica Estates, connect with Jamaica Estates Realty today to boost your home’s appeal!

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