Looking To Sell in Jamaica Estates: Turn a Profit With These Four Tips

If you are looking to sell in Jamaica Estates, you’ll want to score top dollar for your home. Since Jamaica Estates is one of the most in-demand communities in Queens, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Even so, informed sellers stand a better chance of earning the maximum profit from their real estate transactions. We’re going to let you in on four seller secrets that we give our clients who are looking to sell in Jamaica Estates:

  • Set the stage.
    Multiple reports show that a well-staged home sells faster and for more money than a home that looks, well … lived in. Spring for professional services or set the stage yourself. If you go it alone, focus on deep cleaning, clearing clutter and arranging your furniture to create the illusion of more space.
  • Timing is essential.
    As a general rule, buyers come out in full force in the spring. While the sunny skies might help, the season is not the only factor involved in timing a successful sale. If you are looking to sell in Jamaica Estates, make sure it is a good time for YOU. If your finances are stable and you don’t have any life-altering events on the horizon, you are less likely to make a rash decision that could end up costing you cash.
  • Make bang-for-your-buck improvements.
    You might hate to part with your hard-earned money to fix up a home that you’re going to sell, but you’ll earn your money back (and then some) with the right repairs. If you’re eager to make some improvements on your own, start with those annoying imperfections that you have been dealing with for months, such as the bathroom door that doesn’t lock or the kitchen cabinet that’s hanging by a thread.
  • Talk to a local real estate agent.
    The best way to understand the local real estate market is to partner with an agent who works exclusively in the area. Everyone scores bonus points if the agent lives there too! If you are looking to sell in Jamaica Estates, Jamaica Estates Realty will put you on the path to profit!

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