Mixed Use

One stroll down a bustling city block reveals the diverse nature of real estate in urban communities. Mixed-use properties are prevalent in Jamaica Estates and in similar neighborhoods throughout Queens. At Jamaica Estates Realty, we are local experts in the sale and purchase of mixed-use real estate in Jamaica Estates, confidently guiding our clients through the details of these unique real estate transactions. 

Mixed-Use Real Estate Explained

Mixed-use real estate refers to properties that are intended to function in multiple ways. These assets can be configured to accommodate nearly any need and are typically found in one of these combinations: 

  • Residential units and office space.
  • Residential units and retail/restaurant storefronts.
  • Office space and retail/restaurant storefronts.

Purchasing Mixed-Use Real Estate

Prior to purchasing a mixed-use property, it is important to understand the features that make this type of real estate transaction different from others. Jamaica Estates Realty will ensure that you are familiar with the specific terms of your purchase and will assist with: 

  • Verifying the certificate of occupancy to be certain that you are purchasing a property that suits your needs.
  • Obtaining the best loan available for a mixed-use property.
  • Understanding the details of your mixed-use loan.

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