Must-Know Info About Jamaica Estates Apartment Rentals and Their Leases

As you search for an apartment, what is the first thing you want to know? If you said “rent prices,” you’re not alone. Affordable rent is probably the most common criteria for people looking at Jamaica Estates apartment rentals.

It is important to remember that apartment living involves much more than cutting a rent check each month! You can find out all you need to know about your potential new digs by carefully reading the lease.

In addition to putting the monthly rent cost in black and white, apartment leases contain make-or-break information about additional deposits, fees and building rules. As you browse Jamaica Estates apartment rentals, pay special attention to these sections of the lease before you sign:

  • Security deposit
    The security deposit is an up-front amount of money that you pay to the landlord to cover potential damages, excessive wear and nonpayment of rent while you live in the unit. If all is well, you’ll probably get most of your money back when you move out. Security deposits can be pretty hefty, so read the lease and know what to expect before you commit.
  • Utilities
    In most Jamaica Estates apartment rentals, you’ll be responsible for some utilities. The lease will tell you which bills need to be in your name. Rent often covers water, sewer and trash pickup. If you’re lucky, your rent might also include heat.
  • Parking
    Even if you are new to Jamaica Estates apartment rentals, you know that parking can pose a problem. If you own a car, review the lease to see if parking is available. If it is, it probably comes at a cost.
  • Smoking, quiet hours, guest policies, oh my!
    You don’t live with your mother anymore, but you still need to follow the rules! If you are a smoker who likes to play loud music after hours, a nonsmoking building with quiet hours that begin at 9 p.m. is probably not a good fit.

If you are looking for a place to live, Jamaica Estates apartment rentals are in demand! Contact Jamaica Estates Realty today to find an apartment to call home.

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