Single Family Homes in Jamaica Estates

Single Family Homes in Jamaica Estates

Jamaica Estates is a residential enclave in Queens, characterized by stately homes and mature trees that shade the quiet streets. Single-family housing is predominant in this community, although urban influence has brought in apartments, condos, co-ops and mixed use developments. A range of architectural styles are represented, from compact Craftsman bungalows to sprawling Mediterranean residences. At Jamaica Estates Realty, we have firsthand knowledge of the residential real estate market in Jamaica Estates, and want to be among the first to welcome you to this coveted neighborhood!

Characteristics of Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate refers to real estate that is zoned specifically for housing. While exact features vary, residential real estate possesses these broad characteristics: 

  • Residential property is diverse.
  • A residential home is often a person’s most significant financial investment.
  • Residential real estate is typically purchased with a mortgage.

Purchasing Residential Property in Jamaica Estates

Jamaica Estates is a favorite neighborhood among people who seek to escape Manhattan for a quieter refuge. Whether you plan to sell your current home or invest in a residential property, Jamaica Estates Realty is committed to helping you navigate the residential real estate market in this Queens community. We offer these superior services to our clients: 

  • A free property appraisal as a tool to effectively price your residential real estate.
  • An extensive marketing plan designed to attract serious buyers to your property for sale.
  • Valuable resources to guide you through the loan pre-approval process.

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