Sponsored Owned Coops

Jamaica Estates brings a certain charm to New York. Urban dwellers are attracted to this Queens community for its convenience to public transportation, neighborly atmosphere and lower housing costs compared to Manhattan. Sponsored co-ops are an emerging form of real estate in Jamaica Estates and offer a potentially affordable option for home buyers in this coveted neighborhood. 

Sponsored Co-ops Defined

Sponsored co-ops are a variation of a traditional co-op residence. A sponsored co-op differs from a traditional co-op in the following distinct ways: 

  • Home buyers can purchase the unit without prior approval from the housing board. 
  • The down payment of a sponsored co-op may be lower than a traditional co-op.
  • A sponsored co-op is sometimes not subject to the same regulations as the traditional co-op units in the same building.
  • Many sponsored co-ops are sold in "estate condition," meaning that they feature vintage details that would enhance a remodeling project.

Finding a Sponsored Co-op

Jamaica Estates offers an overwhelming range of housing options. Sponsored co-ops are a new concept for some home buyers. At Jamaica Estates Realty, we are committed to: 

  • Helping you decide if a sponsored co-op is the right choice for your next home.
  • Guiding you toward listings for sponsored co-ops that have the features on your housing wish list.
  • Helping you secure the funding you need to purchase your dream home!

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