Touring Jamaica Estates Homes for Sale Virtually: Three Tips To See Every Inch

COVID-19 has certainly altered our perspectives over the past year. We’ve had to make major changes to how we live, work and play. While some of these changes will fade into a distant memory over the next several months, others are here to stay.

Let’s talk about virtual tours of Jamaica Estates homes for sale. You might be wondering how this ties in with COVID-19. Here’s your answer: Virtual tours are one of the pandemic-induced changes that are likely to become a permanent fixture in the real estate industry.

If virtual tours are here to stay, you might as well learn how to make the most of them! Here are a few tips for maximizing your virtual tours while you search Jamaica Estates homes for sale:

  • Print a floor plan ahead of time. Have a copy of the home’s layout in front of you so that you can stay oriented and take notes during the virtual tour. Try to get your hands on a floor plan that includes dimensions so that you can get a better feel for whether your furniture will fit in the space.
  • Take your time. If you’re taking a live tour, don’t be afraid to ask your tour guide to slow down, go back or aim the camera into the home’s nooks and crannies. If your tour is prerecorded, rewind or pause as needed to take in the details. If there is something you’re curious about that is impossible to see, jot it down so that you can revisit it if you do an in-person tour.
  • Consider the surroundings. Virtual tours of Jamaica Estates homes for sale do a great job of showcasing the homes’ interiors but often lack time on the outside. Visit the neighborhood yourself to assess public transportation, noise levels and general appeal.

If you are delving into Jamaica Estates homes for sale, you’re in luck! It’s a great time to buy, and virtual tours have made it easier than ever to see the homes on your list. Get in touch with Jamaica Estates Realty today to learn more about available properties!

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